About the Author

L. Sara Bysterveld has dedicated herself to creating community for polyamorous triads since 2013 when she and her two partners decided to give it a go as a triad themselves. A freelance writer with articles published in magazines such as BeatRoute, Birthing, Leap!, New Home Living and Condo Living, as well as several current blog ghostwriting gigs, Bysterveld felt that writing a book-length introduction to life as a triad was the next logical step in her individual contribution toward normalizing this relationship style.

Bysterveld started the Polyamory Calgary group in 2009, growing that community to a vibrant and supportive hub of polyamorous families in and around the city before stepping back in 2013.

Bysterveld is also a former columnist for both BeatRoute, where she wrote the popular sex column Doin’ It, and New Home/Condo Living, where she wrote the eco-living column Green Living.

You can follow Lindsay (talking not-quite-as-much about polyamory, and way more about kids, writing, the woods, anxiety, kitties, running and generally acting like a fool) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You can also find out more about her writing and editing on her website, or read her thoughts on living outside the box on her blog.

Photo by Mat Simpson Photography.
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