A State of the Triads Address

I’ve been studying triads for a few years now – I believe it’s been about three years since I began my preliminary interviews. Happily, those triads whom I initially interviewed back in 2015 are all still together, I believe! I’ve also been in a triad myself since summer 2013.

I’ve been thinking that it’s about time I write up a general overview of what’s happening out there with triads in the world.

For one thing, I feel that there are more and more of them (you). Unfortunately, I can’t say that for sure, because it’s not like the government is asking us to identify ourselves in the census or anything. Some would argue that there have always been lots of triads but that they were just super-secret about their relationships. And sure, there were triads (whether they thought of themselves that way or not). I mean, we have evidence of their existence among historical figures, though it’s hard to tell when three people were in an equal, loving relationship and when they were really in a toxic love triangle. But whether it’s thanks to rising levels of acceptance of more liberal, progressive lifestyles, or just greater visibility thanks to social media, I really do think that more people are either seeking triad relationships, or falling into them accidentally.

There are a few things that I do know, because actual members of actual triads have told me:

Do You Wanna Be a Third?

I’ve wanted to be in a triad for a long time. Justan and I talked years ago, in 2001 or so, about how cool it would be to have a girlfriend and all three of us live together. But that was a crazy dream, right?

Over the years I dated other girls and sometimes Justan dated them with me. We never thought that three people could fall in love! Then one day three of us did fall in love. That changed things.