Gifts for Both Your Loves

With gift-giving season coming up, I thought it would be fun to share some gifts that specifically work for people in triads and vees — though really, these are great for polyamorous people in general!

For Partners Who Love to Colour

Nontraditional Love: A LGBTQ and Poly Themed Adult Coloring Book

It’s always nice to see representations that reflect our own lives, so if you have a partner who loves to colour, this adult coloring book chock-full of affirming messages and images of unconventional relationships might be the perfect gift. Better yet, it supports a fellow polyamorous family.

Print a PDF version of the book from Etsy or order a physical copy from Amazon.

Nontraditional Love Coloring Book
Nontraditional Love: A LGBTQ & Poly Themed Adult Coloring Book

Unicorn Coloring BooksUnicorns are Jerks Coloring Book

For partners who love coloring AND unicorns (and maybe identify as a unicorn), try:

Unicorns Are Jerks: A Coloring Book Exposing the Cold, Hard, Sparkly Truth by Theo Nicole Lorenz (peek inside)

The Unicorn Coloring Book by Jessie Oleson Moore is straight-up adorable and more inspirational than “Unicorns are Jerks” (though still a little humorous) (peek inside)

Buy it on Amazon or directly from Moore’s site where, incidentally, you can find all sorts of fun and adorable gifts.

If You Like Laughing

Various goodies from Ugly Baby…

Threesomes 4 lyfe
“Threesomes 4 Lyfe” by UglyBaby, Etsy

You may recognize the “Even the worst days sometimes end in threesomes” art piece from Instagram or various places online (because it’s great), but the Ugly Baby Etsy shop also has a “Threesomes 4 lyfe” piece as well as offering their “Mr/Mrs and Mr/Mrs Fart” pieces with a third Mr/Mrs. Also, unicorns abound so… you know… if you’re into that…

Check out Ugly Baby on Etsy.

Raising UnicornsStep-by-Step Instructions to Start a Unicorn Farm

Okay, I don’t want you to think I’m all about the unicorn label, because I really dislike it in a lot of ways, but for anyone who has reclaimed it, this book (Raising Unicorns: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Starting and Running a Successful – and Magical! – Unicorn Farm) could be amazing. Take a look inside on Amazon and tell me you don’t laugh out loud.


Custom Triad Portraits

Another recognizable artist in polyamory and especially triad circles, Stasia Burrington has to be one of the most frequently reposted-but-uncredited artists on Instagram. Make it up to her by buying art from her! Did you know she creates custom “double spoon” poly-friendly portraits?! Not only that but they are super-affordable. Pop on to her Etsy shop and click “Original Art,” and while you’re there check out her other gorgeous items, including the amazing Sasuraibito Tarot deck.

Double spoon by Stasia Burrington
Custom double-spoon portrait by Stasia Burrington.

Assorted LGBT & Poly Art

Felix d’Eon creates really lovely drawings representing people from all walks of life, specifically focused on LGBTQ and polyamorous folks. There is sure to be something here for every one of your partners. (Note: many of these are erotic, so take note if the kids are around.)

El Poliamor
“El Poliamor” drawing by Felix d’Eon

Personalized Gifts

Cute Three-Person Ornaments

Sure, one of the people is really supposed to be a kid, but some of these work well as triads – especially the one with three people in a bed. My aunt got us an ornament like this and it was pretty sweet.

I looked on (click the link for “Family of 3” ornaments), but you can usually find these at mall kiosks during the holiday season.

Triad Christmas ornament

A Poly Family Car Decal

I personally don’t like car decals but we have always said that it would be hilarious to have one for our gigantic poly family. If you like car decals (or more importantly, if one or more of your partners does), have some fun completely customizing a set for your family.

For the Family Scheduler

If one of your loves loves to plan and schedule (a great attribute in a poly relationship!), treat them to a planner and a nice pen.

Personalized Erin Condren Life Planner

Erin Condren planner

One of the most coveted planners out there, the Erin Condren is basically the Cadillac of daytimers. You can personalize it for your partner, though I do recommend letting them personalize it for themselves, since that’s half the fun.

Rituals for Living DreambookThe Rituals for Living Dreambook and Planner

This beautifully designed planner is great for the partner who loves to dream, AND stay organized.

Jewelry and Charms

If One of You is PregnantThree person glass charm

Yes. This is a glass charm for a surrogate mother… technically. But if one of you is pregnant, this would be a really nice gift for that person. My partner Andi used to carry this line (Family Tree Glass) when she ran an online attachment parenting store and she says they make beautiful pieces of art. They also specialize in pregnancy, birth, babywearing and even menstruation charms, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Stacking or Matching Rings

When each of you have rings that match or even fit together, it can help to remind you of a commitment you have made to one another, or simply remind you that two people love you. Of course, the options for rings are endless, and it will depend on your style or priorities, but here are some options that I liked (I’m a simple kinda gal):

Nordstrom hammered rings set of three
Simple hammered rings from Nordstrom


Stackable rings
Similar, simple rings from RawAttractions on Etsy.


Custom-stamped rings by Mignon and Mignon
Choose two personalized rings, bracelets or charms from Mignon and Mignon on Etsy and where both your loves’ names all the time! Tons of options here.


Triangle rings by Sweet Harriet Design
Triangle rings, for those who like the triangle symbolism. (Sweet Harriet Design on Etsy)


Landscape rings by MMackenzieJones
Stacking Landscape rings for those who love the great outdoors. By MMackenzieJones on Etsy.


Triad rings by Andronyk Jewelry
Or, if you want something custom-designed and really special, I highly recommend Andronyk Jewelry. She made our rings, which fit together and are designed to suit our individual styles.

I’m editing this to add two more options that have been brought to my attention:

“Peas in a Pod” necklace – three emerald peas in a leather pod from Apollo Box.
Personalized Infinity necklace – with the option to add three names plus a heart!


Fiction and non-fiction on the nature of love for the voracious reader in your life:

What Love Is: And What It Could Be (Nonfiction by Carrie Jenkins)

“This book is an invitation to think for yourself about what romantic love is and might be. Carrie Jenkins writes with great clarity and openness about a concept that matters to us all.”―Nigel Warburton, author of A Little History of Philosophy

Next Year For Sure (Fiction by Zoey Leigh Peterson)

“With this energetic, fast-paced debut, the author has taken an empathetic and open-minded look at a couple who have made the conscious decision to define relationships outside the dictated status quo. It is a thoughtful, warm meditation on what it means to love, querying our widespread cultural reluctance to expand our definitions beyond traditional narratives and typical pairings.” The Globe and Mail

The Gift of Experience

Spa Day

Get a day at the spa for the three of you and leave feeling extra relaxed and pampered (and quite likely in the mood…).

Seasons Tickets to the Theatre

Give yourselves months of dates with tickets to a whole list of plays, and support local theatre while you’re at it. Of course, depending on your preferences, this could also be sports, live music, dance or something else.

Sexy Gifts

A New Toy

I won’t make any specific recommendations here as it totally depends what you’re into, but consider the fun possibilities of a new vibrator, strap-on, paddle, ball-gag, butt plug… well, you get the picture. I recommend checking out Babeland (Seattle, or NYC – Brooklyn, Lower East Side, SoHo); Smitten Kitten (Minneapolis); or Venus Envy (Ottawa or Halifax).

Boudoir Photos

This is a fun gift because two of you could get photos done for your partner, or one could have photos done for both partners. Or, book a session for all three of you as a fun date to look forward to in the new year.

On the More Extravagant Side…

An Ultra-Large Custom Bed

Have you ever heard of an Alaskan King mattress? Rumor has it, it’s a 9’x9′ bed. I can’t seem to find one to order, BUT, Selectabed can make it for you… or whatever size you want! Get a quote on their website and make your partners’ gigantor-bed-dreams come true!

Edited to add: The Ace Collection was recently brought to my attention – check these babies out!

This one is 10×12 feet! Can you imagine?! You could add two more partners and make it a quint! (Or would we call that a pent? I’m just not sure.)

A Clawfoot or Soaker Tub

Get the biggest clawfoot tub you can (or if you don’t like the vintage look, go modern with a soaker tub) and enjoy a three-person bubble bath. And send me a picture because OMG jelly!


Whatever you choose to buy or make your partners, or however you spend the holidays, I hope you enjoy happy times together!

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