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Triad callout

I want to feature your triad love stories on the blog in February!

I looooove hearing triad love stories! How triads formed, hooked up, fell in love… And I’m sure all the other triads and triad-hopefuls out there do as well. We don’t get this from romantic comedies or romance novels. We don’t get this anywhere! So, let’s help normalize the triad love story by sharing our triad love stories with one another (and hopefully the world)!

Send your love story to by January 22, 2018 to be considered for this series.  I’ll strive to use all entries!


Length: 200-2000 words (yep, there’s a big range! Give us the super-condensed version, or the whole story! Whatever works for you.)

Deadline: January 22, 2018 **Extended! Get me your stories any time before February 10th and I will feature them as I get them!

Submission: via email (in the message body – no attachments please)

Don’t forget: to include a byline! That means, who is the story by? Your real name? A pseudonym? Maybe just an initial? Also, please indicate whether you’re interested in being considered for inclusion in the Love Stories chapter in the book.

Publishing details: I’ll post these on the blog (this blog right here!) from February 1-14, 2018 (I might extend these dates, depending on how many I receive). I may combine entries into longer posts, again depending on how many I receive. I reserve the right to edit for spelling, grammar and clarity. If I’m confused by a detail and need to make a bigger change, I’ll email you.

Let’s share some love!
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